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Welcome to Feelgood Threads New Site!

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Welcome to our new revamped site!

Here you can check out our latest 1 of 1 custom kicks developed for our clients.  Our custom work ranges from standard color flips to complete reconstructions in actual python skin, carbon fiber or other exotic materials.  If you can imagine it, we can typically execute it.

Feelgood Customs are made in Los Angeles, California.  Typically our clients get in touch with us & explain what kind of custom they’re looking for.  After receiving a quote and an estimated date of completion, clients send their shoes to us to start the process of creating their custom.  Customs can take anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks to complete depending on the workload in front of you and the complexity of your request.

Interested but don’t have an idea in mind?  That’s what were here for.  We have often taken a pair of kicks and freestyled them ourselves after some guidance from our customers on styles they like or colors they prefer.

Surprise me! Some of our clients have had so much confidence in our work that they give us creative independence of their custom kicks. Often times, these kicks turn out to be the most popular amongst our social media followers.

The pic you see here is our “Dark Knight 6s”, an example of a freestyle custom we did.  These kicks were inspired by Batman, implementing an aggressive two tone carbon fiber reconstruction and airbrushing the back upper in a matted “bulletproof” colorway. Here are the features of this custom:

  • reconstruction in gunmetal and black carbon fiber
  • back upper airbrushed with a matte metallic teflon colorway
  • black leather laces
  • gunmetal yeezy lace tips

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and have a pair of kicks that no one else has, you hit the right website. Connect with us and lets create some heat that takes your shoe game to a whole different level!


Instagram: @feelgoodthreads

Facebook: Feelgood Threads

Twitter: @feelgoodthreads

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