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New Bape Stencil Pack at the Shop!

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We thought long and hard about the best way to introduce this Bape stencil pack for beginners and experts alike. Whether the person is hand painting or airbrushing these stencils, our goal was to help you in getting a clean camo print on your shoes with minimal effort. These stencil pack can be bought individually or as a complete pack to make your kicks look like the ones pictured. The complete pack comes with all 3 sections listed below.

We decided we would break this stencil pack into sections. That way, customizers could pick and choose what sections they really need at an affordable price.
There are 3 different sections to help you learn how to customize or simply help guide you to get a clean camo print.

Section 1 – Shark face
– The Shark face measures approximately 6 inches in width and fits alongside this size 10 shoe midsole with some slight trimming (between the eye and mouth). Its a simple, yet effective addition to add to your midsole and screams custom kicks! Add an aggressive edge with these shark face stencils.

Section 2 – Bape Camo Print with Gorillas
This is a sheet of camo print including the gorilla faces (about 8 faces) embedded within the camo print. In general, this print is perfect for paneling larger sections but can be trimmed and used for smaller, tighter sections as well. Pairing this alongside the “10 Separate Bape Gorilla Add On” below helps you fill in the shoes with the camo print and allows you to paint the individual gorilla stencils at most visible places on the shoes.

Section 3 – 10 Separate Bape Gorilla Add On
This is a set of various individual gorilla face stencils that are all separate from one another and have a border around them to mask off if needed for stenciling. More importantly, this is the finishing steps to adding the gorilla faces in the most prominent areas of the shoes and truly show the world that you are rocking some Bape customs!

Tutorial on Youtube is coming soon guys! For now, we have all stencils on sale here:

8 Responses

  1. Uriel

    I want a custom pair just like these ones,how can I get my hands on a custom pair like yours?

  2. Steve

    Excellent work…was wondering what I can expect to pay to have my new-ish all white AF1’s done just like those Jordan 4’s(I believe) with the red camo,shark face ,shipping?,etc…thanx n have a good one…Steve…

    • suheel sheikh

      Hi Steve! Please email us pics of the shoe so we can quote you. [email protected]

  3. Jareel Braxton

    I’m trying to get my Jordan 4’s restored with the red bape stencil

  4. Jareel Braxton

    I have the based 4’s but they have been worn

  5. Sahil

    Hello i was wonderieng how much its costs to get my shoe custom done please reply as soon as you can thx.