“GET OVER HERE!” Mortal Kombat 6s – Scorpion x Sub-Zero
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“GET OVER HERE!” Mortal Kombat 6s – Scorpion x Sub-Zero

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This set of Jordan 6s was dedicated to a young man that gave me the inspiration to blend 2 completely different colored shoes into 1 pair.  His name is Adam, hes my 8 year old nephew that I met & raised since he was only 2.  Adam invited me to play Mortal Kombat 10.  Although I couldn’t believe how incredibly gruesome the fatalities were, it made me reminisce on the times that I first saw the graphics on the original Mortal Kombat.  Back then, I was in awe… it was the first game that didnt look animated.  The characters details were absolutely stunning.  I couldn’t appreciate Adam more for inviting me in to play that day.  Without him, these kicks would’ve still been some deadstock infrareds.


These infrared 6s were deconstructed and reconstructed in 2 different python skins and black carbon fiber.  This type of python skin runs about $200 each hide, so just the hides alone on this project was $400!  We chose to use contrast stitching that matched the python skin, so the yellow shoe (“Scorpion”) uses yellow stitching while the blue shoe (“Sub-Zero) dons blue stitching.  Both back uppers were airbrushed according to the characters theme and both Scorpion and Sub-Zero were hand painted.  The midsole also sports red splatter prints to embellish the Mortal Kombat theme.  Lastly, the kicks are laced up using Lace Lab leather laces, the perfect way to finish off the kicks.

This project is about 80% complete.  Were still waiting for our sponsor Dark Knight Official Sole Dye to have the sole dye shipped to finish the icey soles and detail the Sub Zero shoe to look more cold.  Finished pics to come soon!

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  1. Mark Maxey

    Do you sell any of these custom or how much u charge for a custom.

    • suheel sheikh

      We sell all these customs but these are shoes done for a client. These are sold.