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Air Force Ones – Spiderman Customs

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These Spiderman themed Air Force Ones were made with a combination of hand painting and airbrushing.
This pair is a 1 of 1 custom and will not be replicated.

This custom was actually freestyled (customer gave us full creative control) as a birthday gift for his good friend. These Air Force Ones were created for someone who has a true love for Spiderman. As a comic book fan, one can only imagine to have something created that is near and dear to them, and be the only person to own them. These customs were made way before Nike released their “Top 3” Jordan 1 model.

Both images that were painted on the shoes were actual comic clips from Spiderman comics. The right shoe is from a famous cover issue called “Amazing Fantasy” #15 (1962), where Spidey swings through the city grabbing yet another villain.

Contact us if you would like to make your own 1 of 1 custom. Lets work…

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2 reviews for Air Force Ones – Spiderman Customs

  1. Marlon czajak

    Would love some Thor !!! Kicks kind of like them ??

  2. Raymond

    Is there anyway I can have these shoes made ?

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