» » » Air Jordan 1 High Reconstruction Course / Los Angeles Class / Dec 10-13

Air Jordan 1 High Reconstruction Course / Los Angeles Class / Dec 10-13


How many of you have wanted to create a shoe from the ground up and continue doing so after you’re done with this class?

Feelgood Threads is now offering a 4 day exclusive Deconstruction and Reconstruction class on the classic Jordan 1 High! We want all students to receive the attention they deserve in reconstructing their shoes, so we will have only 4 limited spots in this class. That allows the Feelgood Team to carefully help students handcraft their Jordan 1.

Class is scheduled December 10 – 13 in Los Angeles, California.

In this class you will be personally instructed by Suheel (@feelgoodthreads) and learn how to:
– remove soles from an existing pair of Jordan 1 shoes
– learn how to use patterns to cut leather and fabrics to make your custom Jordan 1
– learn the basics of the post bed sewing machine
– apply your new sewing skills to sew your shoe upper
– learn how to apply footbed and last your shoes
– other best practices i.e. adding the wings logo and advanced techniques to help you in the future
– information on where to acquire tools needed to build your own Jordan 1 or other shoes
– we will be selling reconstruction tools on site, including sewing machines, patterns, etc. This way you are already accustomed to the tools we use in class and can confidently continue to gain experience outside of class

Reconstruct a classic Jordan 1 silhouette or get creative and make your own colorway!
No experience is necessary to enjoy this class.
At the end of the course, you will be walking away with your own hand crafted Jordan 1 High!

What’s Included in the class?
– Closely supervised class hosted by Suheel (@Feelgoodthreads)
– 1 pair of Jordan 1 base shoes for your sole
– Premium Leather & fabrics needed to construct your Jordan 1
– Instruction for sewing and using shoemaking-specific sewing machines
– Access to discounted shoemaking supplies, discounted Feelgood Threads products, promotions, and more!
– Future support and troubleshooting questions

By the time you finish this class you will have gained skills and knowledge to help you continue making shoes and take home a custom pair of sneakers made by you!

*This class is non-refundable


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