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Guccissima Monogram Stencil Pack


The Guccissima Stencil Pack is an easy to apply stencil that you can place on your shoes or any other surface that you can place the stencil and paint!

Choose between 3 options:
– Guccissima Print Page
– Gucci Snake Set
– Gucci Full Stencil Pack (choose this pack to save money!)

The Guccissima Print Page includes:
– 2 half pages of the Guccissima Print that measure approximately 11 inches wide by 5.75 inches each
– 2 pieces of transfer tape to help you apply the stencils

The Gucci Snake Set includes:
– 2 Gucci snakes to detail your shoes or any flat surface
– 2 pieces of transfer tape to help you apply the stencils

The Gucci Full Stencil Pack includes:
– Both Guccissima Print Page and 2 Gucci snakes listed above
– Transfer tape to help apply all stencils

Each panel will usually cover the outside of the shoes and possibly the inside, depending on size and coverage area. We recommend purchasing 2 pages to fill a pair of shoes completely, but this is only an estimate. Guccissima print is approximately .4 inches in height and .55 inches in height.

Learn how to customize your kicks with the quality and accuracy of the professionals!

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