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Bape Stencil Complete Pack – Camo Bape + Shark Face Stencils


Create your own Bape custom pair of shoes using this simple Bape Stencil pack!
Mix and match the Bape stencils that you need to create your own custom. The shoes pictured used the Full Bape Stencil Pack. If you would like to get the same design as the shoes pictured, we recommend purchasing the Full Bape Stencil Pack. Create your own custom by simply applying the stencils and painting!

– Applicable on other items besides shoes. Ideal for flat surfaces. Can even be used as stickers!
– Can be either hand painted or airbrushed.
– Tutorial on how to make these shoes below!
– Transfer tape to help apply the stencils included.

Note: These stencils have a larger print than the “Bape x Supreme” stencil set on our site.
Shoe size 10 shown in pictures. Below are descriptions of each stencil.

All stencil packs come individually cut and includes transfer paper to help you apply the stencil. Here is a tutorial on how we made these Jordan 4 customs:

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Detailed description of each Bape Stencil set:

Bape Shark Face
– 1 pair of Shark eyes and mouth to customize a pair of shoes or other items.


Bape Camo Print Page with Gorillas
– One page measuring approximately 11 inches wide by 7 inches in height of Bape Camo print including Bape gorillas (the page is sectioned off in smaller sections to help you customize your shoes easier)
We found that breaking the page into sections will help you manage and apply the stencils easier and work gradually rather then overwhelm you with large,
difficult pieces to apply. No other stencil pack has been customized like this because other sites generally do not customize with the stencils that they sell.
Not only do we use them, we show you exactly how to use them in our YouTube tutorials.


10 Separate Bape Gorilla Add On
– No Bape custom looks real without the gorillas clearly seen on your shoes. These 10 gorilla stencils help you add that detailed touch by letting you
place them at “focus points” like the toebox, so they can be clearly seen on your shoes. Choose key places where the Bape gorilla will stand out on your feet
and finish off your kicks right! Save extra gorilla stencils for your next project!


Full Bape Stencil Pack
– This pack includes all 3 of the stencils above to create the shoes that are pictured on this page. Save money by purchasing this pack and make your own custom shoes or split the stencils up for multiple shoes!

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Full Bape Stencil Pack, Bape Camo Print Page with Gorillas, 10 Separate Bape Gorilla Add On, Bape Shark Face