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GIVEAWAY!!! Jordan 1 Bloodline to Varsity 85 Custom Contest

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All entries must go through this page to count, get your entries below:

Jordan 1 Varsity 85 Custom Giveaway

This giveaway is for a brand new, size 10 pair of Jordan 1 Bloodlines customized to Jordan 1 Varsity 85s! Contestants can win this pair of customs by entering and completing qualifying activities like:
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These actions will all give you 1 entry per action completed. You can earn 7 entries max. Winner must live in the United States and must be still be doing the winning action when we choose the winner in order to receive the prize. If winner did not continue the action that awarded them this prize at drawing results, they will forfeit their prize and we will choose another winner. Contest ends when FlipMyKicks Youtube channel reaches 1000 subscribers, 1 month has passed, or if we choose to end the contest early to draw a winner, which ever comes first.

Good luck!!!

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30 reviews for GIVEAWAY!!! Jordan 1 Bloodline to Varsity 85 Custom Contest

  1. bryan kenneth caraos

    Nicely done

  2. Jet Fajardo

    Awesome customization

  3. Henfro Hardy

    Top notch work.

  4. Noah Doms

    Hopefully i get picked cause these are heat.

  5. Al Akins

    Your work is dope. You make it look easy bro. ????

  6. Oscar Ramon De La Torre

    Its creative and complements the 85 Jordan perfectly

  7. John Rosales

    Love the you tube videos.

  8. Zane

    Jordans are my favorite type of shoes.

  9. Taya

    Sexy shoes

  10. Carmen

    I need shoes I have none but if I don’t get pick that’s okay

  11. Matthew salas

    Wow awesome job????????????

  12. brian linzey

    MyG you got some crazy skillz

  13. Glorious Russaw


  14. Robin Angosta

    Nicely done bloodline customs

  15. Devon

    Looks dope bro! I love how you explained more about the LK finisher on the YouTube channel as well.

  16. Dawayne peete

    ???? shits hot

  17. Brad Evans

    Very clean.

  18. Hugo Hernandez

    These came out stupid good! Your work is on point as always brotha. Keep up the goos work.

  19. Dana Connolly

    So dope love this flip I’m a 9 but for these I’ll make a 10 work probably put em in a throne though lol won’t get much play outside too nice to mess around and scuff the artwork… ????

  20. Adrian Wyatt

    I love ur work

  21. Quincy

    Love Your Videos Bro. Great Custom As Well. Never Cease To Amaze And I Learn So Much.

  22. Andy Kapileo

    Skillz are ridiculous!

  23. Stephinfortes


  24. bernard carlo maestrecampo

    DOPE ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. Jeremiah R. Salhay

    Let me catch this dub right quick.

  26. Matthew Flaherty

    Size 10 is my size, let’s goooooo. Crossing fingers for these guys, and I’m going to attempt my own soon.

  27. Oscar Mendez

    So good! Loved the video! Watched your Columbia Jordan 11 flip as well to the fire red mixed with the soft pink vid! They were fire too! So dope!!

  28. Sahil chawla

    Doesn’t look customizes it’s looking real

  29. Diego

    You definitely make The best customs bro the detail you do is incredible ????

  30. Lemuel canada

    awesome workmanship

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